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What we do.

We choose and apply unique marketing + media solutions to elevate your brand.
Phase 2: We create a unique marketing + media program targeting your most receptive audiences.
strategic consulting
Let's face it -- creating a unique marketing + media program isn't brain surgery. Having said that, we still hold that brands grow and benefit from a meeting of the minds.
Working closely with you, we develop a structured marketing + media program that includes:
  • market research 
  • goals and objectives
  • audience demographics
  • recommended marketing activities
  • timelines for deliverables
  • budget estimates for hard costs
  • payment schedules
  • results reporting
This program becomes the road map we use to elevate your brand.
In this phase, we ask you to contract with us for a minimum of three months. This gives us enough time to develop a detailed plan and start rolling out your unique marketing + media program. 
If you're satisfied with our efforts, we hope to continue serving as your dedicated brand consultants on a month-to-month basis after that. 
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